Coloring of textile products in unique and various ways by means of chemicals is called painting process.


The application of various patterns, motifs, colors and shapes to textile products with different and various techniques is called printingprocess.


The application made to change the properties of the produced textile products (crease-proof, non-flammability) is called the finishing process.

Since 1971

Established in the basement of a house in Urfa in 1971, ÇeçenTekstil has been serving both wholesale and retail in the following years. Thanks to its quality products and honest craftsmanship, it has become a large and well-known company.

Since its establishment, it has been continuing its production and sales in Bursa without compromising its quality and innovation.

50 Years of Experience

Çeçen Tekstil has a history of 50 years. It emerged in 1971, when ready-made clothing was not on the rise and our women were sewing their own clothes, as a shop that they reached to buy fabric.

Along with keeping up with the developing technology, innovative perspective, quality products and 50 years of experience, it continues production and sales by increasing its brand unity day by day.


Why Çeçen Tekstil ?

We carry out quality production by blending the industry experience gained over the years with today's technology.

The customer satisfaction we have achieved as a result of this makes us the reason for preference in the textile industry.

High Technology
Customer Satisfaction